We’ve rebranded – check out our new logo & website

Hi, and welcome to the exciting new site of Offiss Workspace, it’s great to have you here!.

What’s new at Offiss?

A whole new look

We have had a makeover! Our new logo and website reflect how the brand has evolved as we continue to grow. Offiss is always developing as we work with new businesses and expand our team, and we wanted our aesthetics to showcase this.

Keeping up with Offiss

Our new blog is a great way to keep updated with announcements and catch up with everything going on at Offiss. There is going to be a lot more coming your way in the next few months, so keep your eyes peeled!

Listen up

An exciting new feature is landing - our podcast room is coming soon, adding a whole new medium to our Offiss news and the features we offer to businesses. Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

Bringing the city to you

As individual berries growing together, we are looking to welcome more berries to join us at Offiss as we expand into new locations across the UK. We are staying true to our values of supporting smaller and start-up businesses located in towns or on the outskirts of cities. Keep up to date with us to find out if we are coming to your local area and bringing the city vibe to you!

Do you want to join the offiss family?

We are more than just a workspace, more like a home away from home. Our boutique workspace is 100% flexible, including private offices, meeting pods, and co-working spaces. Our unique offices provide a vibrant, professional backdrop for your business, allowing you to wow clients and network with other business owners on the same journey.

Whether you are a small business, an entrepreneur, or just starting up, Offiss Workspace can provide huge benefits for your business.

Get in touch via hello@offiss.co.uk to book a visit to Offiss and see how we can transform your business.