Top 5 ways to create the perfect working environment

The last few years have completely changed the way that most of us work, with a huge rise in flexible and remote working. Here at Offiss we were ahead of the curve and promoting flexible working before it was the norm, so we know exactly what we’re talking about.

Below are our top tips for creating the perfect working environment:

1. Set up a dedicated workspace

When working remotely from home, you need to create a space that is dedicated to work. Your workspace should inspire you to be creative and make you feel professional, as the environment around you will influence the work you do.

If possible, having somewhere quiet and separate from your family or outside noise is best so that you aren’t constantly distracted while trying to get things done.

2. Make sure you have the essentials

Every workspace needs the basics:

- Use a desk as a set space for working - whether you purchase a swanky wooden desk, a portable folding one, or you prefer to stand up.
- Invest in a quality office chair – if you are going to spending hours each day sitting in it, then it needs to be comfortable and supportive!

3. Keep a work-life balance

It can be super tempting to spend all day in your pyjamas on the sofa or even working from your bedroom, but this uber casual approach to working can be detrimental to your productivity and mental health. Blurring the lines between home and work means that it can be hard to switch off and keep a work-life balance.

Keep times of the day and areas of the home separated between work and downtime so your mind knows when it can relax.

4. Tailor your workspace to you

We have become so used to working in the office space designated to us that many of us have never stopped to think, how do I work best? Working remotely gives you the opportunity to tailor your workspace to you.

Do you want to overlook nature and be flooded with natural light, do you prefer the temperature to be cool, or do you focus better when blasting music or a podcast in the background? This is your opportunity to create your perfect working environment. 

5. Book a workspace at Offiss

Here at Offiss Workspace we believe that an office should be more than just four white walls and should be an environment which inspires you, allows you to network without realising, and helps your business to grow.

We offer both permanent and completely flexible working spaces, whether it’s for a day, a week, a month, or a year. With fully serviced private offices, dedicated co-working spaces, lounge areas, and meeting pods, we have designed the perfect office space to suit everyone. 

What are the benefits of creating the perfect working environment?

It’s extremely important to create the perfect working environment, as we spend so much of our time working. 

We designed our boutique Offiss workspace with these benefits in mind, to create the perfect working environment which provides:

Work-life balance: our workspace is a home away from home, where you can relax without blurring those lines between work and home that can lead to burnout. As we are completely flexible, you can choose how many days or hours you want to come into the office. Whether it’s looking out at the stunning views over Cannock Chase, having a turn on the games machine or relaxing in the lounge area, Offiss is a place where work doesn’t feel like work.

Boosts creativity: we transformed the plain white walls into vibrant colour and patterns, to create an inspiring space for creative minds.

Networking opportunities: we have nurtured a supportive environment, with like-minded individuals on the same journey offering each other advice and support.

Professionalism: you might have imposter syndrome trying to run a business out of the spare bedroom, but getting dressed up and coming into Offiss creates a professional vibe and offers you a space to impress clients that really has the wow factor.

Do you want to join the offiss family?

We are more than just a workspace, more like a home away from home. Our boutique workspace is 100% flexible, including private offices, meeting pods, and co-working spaces. Our unique offices provide a vibrant, professional backdrop for your business, allowing you to wow clients and network with other business owners on the same journey.

Whether you are a small business, an entrepreneur, or just starting up, Offiss Workspace can provide huge benefits for your business.

Get in touch via to book a visit to Offiss and see how we can transform your business.