What Makes Our Workspace Unique - The Games Machine

Work Hard and Play Hard at Offiss - What Makes Our Workspace So Unique

 Our boutique workspace prides itself on being the ultimate space that provides everything you need to thrive in your business. But just as important is our ethos of bringing creativity and innovation to the workplace, allowing people to have fun while achieving their ambitions.


This is why we provide unique spaces to relax, socialise and exercise, to offer everything needed to create your home away from home. It’s not all about working hard, it’s about playing hard too!



Play your way to productivity … with our games machine


All work and no play makes you very boring and grey - is a phrase that will never be heard here at Offiss! We understand that creativity in our environment is an important factor in inspiring people’s work and innovation.


This is why we offer an onsite games machine, free for everyone to use for a fun and creative break.


There are many ways that games can benefit those in the office:


Stress release- when you are feeling overwhelmed and need a break, rather than sitting at your desk to scroll on your phone, a great way to get out of that headspace for a moment is to take a turn on our games machine! Getting immersed in a game is a great way to fully unwind and have fun, freeing up your brain from any work stress.


Increase creativity - playing a game can force your brain to engage in other ways to think strategically and logically, which could open up solutions in your mind to a work issue you are struggling with. Also, taking some time to think about something other than work can refresh your brain and inspire new ideas!


Connect and collaborate - playing a game in the office can bring everyone together to get to know each other better and spend time as a team. Games are a fun way to network with others in the office without it being too formal or intimidating.

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We are more than just a workspace, more like a home away from home. Our boutique workspace is 100% flexible, including private offices, meeting pods, and co-working spaces. Our unique offices provide a vibrant, professional backdrop for your business, allowing you to wow clients and network with other business owners on the same journey.

Whether you are a small business, an entrepreneur, or just starting up, Offiss Workspace can provide huge benefits for your business.

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