Work Hard and Play Hard at Offiss Workspace

Work Hard and Play Hard at Offiss - What Makes Our Workspace So Unique


Our boutique workspace prides itself on being the ultimate space that provides everything you need to thrive in your business. But just as important is our ethos of bringing creativity and innovation to the workplace, allowing people to have fun while achieving their ambitions.


This is why we provide unique spaces to relax, socialise and exercise, to offer everything needed to create your home away from home. It’s not all about working hard, it’s about playing hard too!



Workout your body and your mind… with our Peloton bike


An important part of having a work life balance is not just about managing your professional work, but it’s about working on yourself too. We want everyone in our space to feel their best, both mentally and physically. This is why we offer a state-of-the-art Peloton bike and dedicated shower space so that people can take time to exercise and refresh while at work.



There are huge benefits to offering onsite fitness equipment in the office:


Boost energy - exercise releases endorphins which make you feel better about yourself by improving your mood and enhancing your energy, leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalised. Starting your day with a workout can make you feel more energised throughout the day, and is the perfect way to spend a midday break to avoid an afternoon slump.


Work life balance - by taking time during the day to workout on the Peloton, you are allowing yourself to have a proper break to switch off and clear your mind. You could also take a walk or a jog to get some fresh air before freshening up in the shower room, ready to go again!


Lower stress levels - it is well known that exercise reduces feelings of stress. So if you are feeling overwhelmed while working, spending time doing a quick workout can make you instantly feel better without even leaving the workspace!

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We are more than just a workspace, more like a home away from home. Our boutique workspace is 100% flexible, including private offices, meeting pods, and co-working spaces. Our unique offices provide a vibrant, professional backdrop for your business, allowing you to wow clients and network with other business owners on the same journey.

Whether you are a small business, an entrepreneur, or just starting up, Offiss Workspace can provide huge benefits for your business.

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