Business Introduction AG Fit - Genna Bell

At Offiss we have built a supportive community of incredible businesses who co-work and network to help each other grow. We are extremely proud of this group and love seeing people take their businesses to the next level.

Stay tuned as we introduce each of these amazing companies in turn to showcase what they do and their skill sets, so you can meet the people behind Offiss.

The next business we want to introduce you to is Team AG FIT!

Genna is an online Health & Fitness Coach who helps women to feel fit, fabulous and fulfilled in their bodies.

Her passion for fitness sparked in the audience of a competitive bikini athletic bodybuilding competition, and she fell in love with transforming her body and shocked herself as to what she was capable of. After studying nutrition and to become a personal trainer, she took the leap to launch her business as lockdown hit. She is passionate about helping others, and her approach is to encourage other busy females to feel their fittest and live their best lives.

Currently Genna is a woman wearing many hats, also putting her skills to good use as a Virtual Assistant to four very different companies with varying roles - a shadow payroll company, a triathlon company, a health and supplement brand and a marketing agency.

She also discovered her passion for social media management; having built her own personal training page from scratch, she dived in deep and invested in another course to become a socialmedia manager. She currently manages two accounts, for a supplement brand and coaching company, with more in the pipeline thanks to the incredible Offiss network! Moving to Offiss was the best decision for the company as it has opened new doors and Genna has made some great new friends and contacts.

Genna Bell, Founder of Team AG Fit, shares her tips for starting a business.

What piece of advice would you give to your younger self?

Whether it be my younger self, or anyone in general at any stage in life, the advice I would give is: every day is afresh 24 hours, don’t dwell on the past, and don’t wish away your time. The present day is all that matters. Life is precious. We can not control the past, but we can create our future. I have stopped looking too far ahead, as I find when I get too goal obsessed I am not living for the now!

What is one tip for people starting their own business?

Ask for help, network, join the Offiss team, and know you're not alone!

If you could be immortal, what age would you choose to stop aging at and why?

That’s funny, we had this conversation in the Offiss the other day! I feel like I am not a day over 27. At this time I was going back and forth to LA, but I still feel this age - and hopefully don’t look too much older!


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